Solutions for Teeth Whitening We Offer

All of us want a sparkling teeth and a long lasted bright smile. Teeth whitening let you the option to achieve your best smile. Our dentist at Boca Park Dental in Las Vegas,NV is equipped to provide solutions to all your teeth whitening needs. Teeth whitening involves a wide range of procedures:

Laser Teeth whitening

Laser treatments are one of the most effective teeth whitening procedures, ensuring that your teeth sparkle. With the laser procedure, bleach is generally applied to each tooth separately. The bleaching gel used is activated and enhanced by the use of a laser for quick and dramatic results. In accordance with the ADA laws, our dentist utilizes hydrogen peroxide as the bleaching agent, which ranges from 25% to 40% when it comes to the levels of concentration. The heat generated from the laser speeds up the process and activates the action of the bleaching gel.

Kor Teeth whitening

Individuals who are not up for a laser treatment can ask our dentist for the Kor teeth whitening procedure.

The Kor teeth whitening treatment makes use of the proprietary KöR Dual-Activated, Tri-Barrel™ Hydremide Peroxide formulation and delivery system. This proprietary formulation of the Kor teeth whitening procedure delivers results without the use of a laser.

Zoom Teeth whitening

The Zoom teeth whitening kit consists of hydrogen peroxide gel and an overhead lamp that delivers UV light. In the Zoom teeth whitening procedure, the hydrogen peroxide gel is applied to your teeth. Once the hydrogen peroxide gel has been applied, an overhead lamp delivers UV light to the teeth.

Britesmile Teeth whitening

The Britesmile teeth whitening procedure can significantly improve the appearance of dulled teeth, even in a single visit to our office. Similar to the Zoom teeth whitening treatment, the Britesmile Teeth whitening treatment employs a teeth whitening gel that consists of hydrogen peroxide.

The gel is activated by a special kind of light. A proper Britesmile teeth whitening procedure can improve the appearance of your teeth by up to 7 shades. Our dentist at Boca Park Dental in Las Vegas Nevada, will also advise you on the possible measures you might need to take to maintain a sparkling smil

Dash Teeth whitening

The Dash teeth whitening kit is an all-inclusive kit that has everything our dentist needs to provide in a teeth whitening treatment. The Dash teeth whitening kit does not require any kind of syringe-to-syringe mixing or refrigeration.

This makes the procedure of teeth whitening significantly easier and much more comfortable not only for the individual, but for our dentist as well.

EZ white® Teeth whitening

If you are looking for a simple way to brighten your teeth, then Boca Park Dental in Las Vegas Nevada has the right treatment for you. The Ez white teeth whitening treatment is an innovative teeth whitening treatment that has the potential of leaving you with a smile that is up to eight times brighter.

The Ez white teeth whitening treatment also makes use of hydrogen peroxide.

Lasersmile® (Laser) Teeth whitening

The Lasersmile teeth whitening treatment is arguably, the most advanced treatment of teeth with laser. The Lasersmile teeth whitening procedure is able to restore the sparkle of your teeth through its deep whitening action. The Lasersmile teeth whitening treatment makes use of a patented gel that becomes active through the application of a laser.

Opalescence™ Teeth whitening

Among the many teeth whitening procedures our dentist is capable of performing, Opalescence in-office teeth whitening treatment is highly recommended. The Opalescence teeth whitening treatment is perfect if you're preparing for a big occasion. The Opalescence teeth whitening kit consists of the Opalescence teeth whitening gel containing fluoride and potassium nitrate, and a chemically activated light. This is all you need to get sparkling teeth in a short time.

Venus White® Teeth whitening

The Venus White teeth whitening procedure is provided by our expert dentist. If you need a complete solution to address all your teeth whitening needs, the Venus White teeth whitening procedure can be the best choice for you. The treatment is based on a three step procedure, along with additional maintenance, as well as use of oral care products so to ensure you maintain your dazzling smile.

Take home tray

With our take home trays, you have the convenience of whitening your teeth comfortably at home. You can achieve the whitening of your teeth through our take home tray teeth whitening kit. You just need to follow the instructions we provide along with the kit to get your sparkling white teeth.

Feel free to call us at Boca Park Dental in Las Vegas,NV for an appointment or visit our office.